Contracts and Pricing – Comparing Nominal Canadian and U.S. Prices for U.S. Grain

How do sellers of grain of U.S. origin into Canada compare nominal Canadian and U.S. prices?

Canada uses the metric system for weights and measures whereas the U.S. uses the English system.  In Canada, the weight of the grain delivered will be reported in metric ton (tonnes) and in the U.S. in bushels. For wheat the standard conversion is 36.74 bushels per metric ton (tonnes) and there are 2,204.6 pounds in a metric ton.

Conversion tables and calculators are available here.

Quality parameters are measured using the metric system and test weights are measured in kilograms/hectoliter or grams/half-litre.  More information on test weights and conversions from bushel weights can be found on the Canadian Grain Commission website here.

Grain prices in Canada are quoted in Canadian dollars per tonne.  Canadian/U.S. foreign exchange quotes are available at your financial institution or various financial websites. Some grain companies may provide prices in U.S. dollars per bushel upon request.


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