Crossing the Border – Additional Requirements for Grain being Imported to Canada for Animal Feed

Are there any additional requirements if the grain or grain products being imported to Canada are for animal feed?

All ingredients intended for use in livestock feeds must be approved.  Approved livestock feed ingredients are listed in Schedules IV and V of the Feeds Regulations. The Schedules provide the approved name or names of the ingredient, as well as specifying the labeling requirements.  Single ingredients listed in part I of either Schedule IV or V, may be imported without restrictions provided they meet the following criteria:

  • The ingredient meets the compositional standards described in section 19 of the Feeds Regulations;
  • The ingredient corresponds with the ingredient name and labeling standards described in the ingredient definition (without additional guarantees or claims);
  •  The labeling requirements set forth in section 26 of the Feeds Regulations are met.

Importers can demonstrate compliance of the ingredient imported by supplying the following documents at the time of importation;

  • Canada Customs Invoice or Commercial Invoice; and
  • Proof of exemption from feed registration.

Proof of exemption from feed registration:

The importer must reference the ingredient number in Schedule IV or V, and use the approved ingredient name on the import documentation, as a means of confirming that the ingredient is exempt from registration. The importer is responsible for ensuring that the ingredient being imported complies with the regulatory requirements described in the regulations prior to being offered for sale in the Canadian marketplace.

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