Deductions – Check-offs for Canadian Grain Delivered to the U.S.

What check-offs will Canadian grain delivered to U.S. elevators be subject to?

The U.S. has established marketing promotion programs for wheat and other commodities
that are paid for by producers growing wheat in the U.S. and/or selling wheat at U.S.
locations. The check-off assessment is generally collected at the first point of sale in the
U.S. and the elevator has the responsibility for assessing and collecting the money. The
application of this assessment will vary by state, and is described in more detail in the
detailed information for each state. If applied, checkoffs are often refundable.

For example we understand current U.S. checkoff rates and rules include:
1) Montana – wheat – 2 cents per bushel, applies to Canadian wheat, refundable
2) Re: Montana state law – Title 80, Chapter 11, Part 2
3) Minnesota – wheat – 2 cents per bushel, applies to Canadian wheat, not refundable
unless proven that a check-off fee has already been paid that is determined to have a
comparable purpose, Re: Minnesota Agricultural Commodities Promotion Act – State
Statue 17.51
4) North Dakota – wheat 1.5 cents per bushel, applies to Canadian wheat , refundable
5) Re: ND Century Code Title 4.1 Agriculture, Chapter 13
6) Washington – only applies to wheat produced and sold in Washington, not applicable to
Canada. Re: Revised Code of Washington – Title 15, Chapter 115
7) South Dakota – applies to commercial wheat sales in SD, can only be applied once,
refundable. Re: South Dakota Codified Laws – Chapter 38.10

U.S. wheat producer check-off dollars managed by state wheat commissions, they are:
Arizona Grain Research and Promotion Council
Arkansas Wheat Promotion Board
California Wheat Commission
Colorado Wheat Administrative Committee
Idaho Wheat Commission
Kansas Wheat Commission
Maryland Grain Producers Utilization Board
Minnesota Wheat Research and Promotion Council
Montana Wheat and Barley Committee
Nebraska Wheat Board
North Dakota Wheat Commission
Ohio Small Grains Marketing Program
Oklahoma Wheat Commission
Oregon Wheat Commission
South Dakota Wheat Commission
Texas Wheat Producers Board
Virginia Small Grains Board
Washington Grain Alliance
Wyoming Wheat Marketing Commission

Barley checkoffs are managed by: Idaho barley council, The Minnesota Barley Research and
Promotion Council, Montana Wheat and Barley Committee, Washington Grain Alliance and
the North Dakota Barley Council.

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