Delivery of Grain – Grade Determination for U.S. Grain in Canada

Grain of U.S. origin delivered into Canada can receive a U.S. grade in Canada. How is the grade determined?

Grain Buyers in Canada are free to bid for and settle grain, including grain of U.S. origin, based on U.S. grades.  Grain Buyers in Canada may also establish premiums  establish premiums and/or discounts for grading specifications including moisture, protein content, falling number, dockage, foreign material, damage, vomitoxin, vitreous kernels, etc. in the same way grain companies and processors do in the U.S.

It is important that sellers of U.S. grain into Canada discuss the various quality parameters and grading factors with the buyers in Canada prior to delivery.

If the elevator company is purchasing the grain based on U.S. grades the sample can be inspected by an unofficial lab in the U.S. or Canada experienced in U.S. grading standards.

Sellers of U.S. grain wishing to deliver to a Canadian grain facility are advised to contact the company prior to delivery.

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