Finding a Buyer – Elevators in the U.S.

What elevators in the U.S. will accept Canadian origin grain?

Sellers of grain wishing to deliver to a U.S. grain facility are advised to contact the company
prior to delivery to obtain the information necessary to conclude a commercial transaction.

In the U.S., grain buyer licensing and related requirements vary among the State authorities
that place requirements on the grain elevator. In general, there is no official requirement
for a buyer in the U.S. to purchase grain from anyone but there are requirements for fair and
equitable treatment of grain sellers. If you deposit grain for storage, additional licensing,
including an optional federal license may place requirements on the grain elevator, such as
providing for equal and fair access to depositors of grain. As in Canada, grain buying,
trading and warehousing companies are free to set their hours of operation and terms
including buying prices. Terms are often related to the respective facility and its customer’s
needs and ownership, the quality of the grain and logistical programs the companies have in

For example, relevant license requirements for grain buyers and storage providers can be
found at:

1. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Warehouse Act regarding grain storage

2. Idaho Department of Agriculture

3. Michigan Department of Agriculture

4. Minnesota Department of Agriculture

5. Montana Department of Agriculture

6. Washington Department of Agriculture

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