Finding a Buyer – U.S. Grain Elevators and Buyers

Where can I find a listing of U.S. Grain Elevators and Buyers?

There are several locations to find contact information for U.S. grain elevators including
state websites, trade association websites, private company websites, telephone
directories, etc.

U.S. grain buyers are either privately owned companies or farmer-owned cooperatives.  Most states require grain buyers to be licensed and each state licensing authority maintains lists of licensed businesses.  Information found through state and trade associations typically includes many aspects of interest to farmers.”Examples of State websites listing of grain buyers include:

1. Idaho Department of Agriculture
2. Michigan Department of Agriculture
3. Minnesota Department of Agriculture
4. Montana Department of Agriculture
5. Washington Department of Agriculture

In the U.S. grain buyers are often listed in telephone and local business directories of state and  national trade associations. U.S. grain buyers belong to trade associations who provide for information of interest to both buyers and sellers of grain, including information on trade rules and official requirements. Examples of trade association websites you may want to review include:
1. National Grain and Feed Association
2. Pacific Northwest Grain and Feed Association (Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington)
3. Michigan
4. Minnesota


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