Grading System – Facilitating Sales on Specification in the U.S. Grain Grading System

Does the U.S. grain grading system facilitate sales on specification as well as statutory

Yes, grain buyers often buy and contract on specifications entirely separate from or in
conjunction with official grain standards. Many of the specifications used to buy wheat and
barley are not part of the factors included in U.S. official grain standards.

To facilitate purchase and sales referencing specification as well as official grade factors, the
U.S. grain trade utilizes in-house, qualified third party private laboratory and Federal Grain
Inspection Service inspection services.

More information for private third party laboratories is available on their respective websites. For example:
Intertek Group, SGS and Thionville Laboratories.

Detailed information on of the testing services for Grading and Quality Factors provided by
FGIS can be found here.

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