Grading System – Links Between Canada’s Grading System and Variety Registration

How and why is Canada’s grading system linked to Canada’s variety registration?

In order to maintain a high quality standard for statutory grades, the variety evaluation and registration process is closely linked to Canada’s grain classification and grading system (i.e., a variety must be approved or registered to be eligible for prescribed classes). For many grains, including wheat and barley, varieties are only eligible for registration after undergoing thorough merit testing for end-use quality, disease resistance, and agronomic performance, and prove themselves to be better than or equal to ‘check’ varieties.

The integration of the grain classification system and variety registration requirements is continually evolving with changes in the agricultural sector. Historically the high emphasis on quality in cereal grains was by design and based on the premise that having a classification system based on the best functional properties would lead to the best value equation for Canadian grain producers.

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