Grading System – Requirements to Receive Canadian Statutory Grade

What are the requirements to receive a Canadian statutory grade?

Only varieties that are registered and grown in Canada can be eligible to receive statutory grades.  U.S. origin wheat, if it is graded according to Canadian statutory grades, will only be eligible for the lowest official statutory Canadian Grain Commission grade in the particular class (e.g., Feed Wheat or # 5 Amber Durum).

However, the Canadian grain-grading system does allow U.S. wheat imports into Canada, provided that phytosanitary and other requirements are met.  Canadian grain companies and processors are free to bid for, accept delivery of and settle grain of U.S. origin based on U.S. grades and establish premiums and/or discounts for grading specifications including moisture, protein content, falling number, dockage, admixture, foreign material, damage, vomitoxin, vitreous kernels etc. in the same way grain companies and processors do in the U.S.  It is important that sellers of U.S. grain into Canada discuss the various quality parameters and grading factors with the buyers in Canada prior to delivery.

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