Commercial Grain Trade – How do I find buyers and sellers in Canada

How do I find buyers and sellers in Canada?

The majority of the grain and process elevators in western Canada (with the exception of feedlots and feed mills) and many grain dealers in Canada are licensed by the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC). Grain facilities that are licensed by the CGC are listed on the CGC website.

For a list of grain operations operating outside the jurisdiction of the Canada Grain Act or lawfully exempted from its provisions by the CGC, refer to the CGC website.

It should be noted that the CGC does not license primary or process elevators in eastern Canada located in Ontario, Quebec, or the Maritime provinces. Individual provincial licensing regimes exist in these areas. A list of grain handling facilities licensed in Ontario is listed on Agricorp’s website.

Sellers of U.S. grain wishing to deliver to a Canadian grain facility are advised to contact the company prior to delivery to obtain the information necessary to conclude a commercial transaction.

Canadian Grain Commission

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